About TruckSumo

Move anything, anywhere

It's 2016! We are proud to bring TruckSumo to ease your transportation needs. TruckSumo is a Hyderabad based tech startup that finally introduces Technology to Transportation.

We've created a new experience that takes all the hassle out of goods transportation.

No more haggling with unprofessional drivers

No more nasty surprises when you get the final bill


you get to move anything you want, anywhere you want,
with the swipe of a finger or the tap of a button.

And that's just the start of how we've revolutionized the transportation experience. Our product is so cool, we added a Sumo to our logo. Yes, a real Sumo. Check out how it works.

TruckSumo.com is the flagship brand of Pipip E-Services Private Limited.

Give us a try, we're sure you will love us.