Wanted: Superheroes

// on-demand transportation meets local supply

The face of private transportation has changed with the advent of on-demand taxi services. A click of a mouse or a press of a button is enough to bring a chaffeur driven vehicle to one's doorstep. However, the world of goods transportation continues to operate as it has in the last fifty years - inefficient, disorganized, chaotic and opaque. We want to "rewire" the world of last-mile goods transportation in urban India. Want to help?

// what we're looking for


Solutions over problems. You don't stop at identifying a problem. You identify the root causes and come up with a well-thought out plan to solve the problem.


Courage. You understand that difficult decisions are agonizing because of a choice between two seemingly bad alternatives. You have the courage to pick a side and see it through.


Involved. You take time to understand the business. You rally behind good ideas and question bad decisions. People respect your work and opinions.

// what's in it for you?

We can tell you exactly what you want to hear - We are awesome, transparent, one-team, deskless, long-term thinkers etc. But we don't want to. We offer exactly three things -   

Great pay and generous ESOPs

An opportunity to build a company from the ground up

Lot of learning and growth that comes from tackling hard problems

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  Sales and Marketing

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