// TruckSumo Referral Program

How does our referral program work?

If you know the right candidate for any role, send us an email on careers@trucksumo.com with the following details

Subject: Referral for {Name of the Role}
Body: Your name, Your phone number
Attachment: Resume of the candidate with their contact info

If your referral is hired and joins our team, we will pay you a referral bonus after they complete one month at TruckSumo.

What if multiple people refer the same candidate?

If multiple people refer the same candidate, we'll split the bonus equally between the people.

Can I refer candidates without their knowledge?

No! Absolutely not! No cookies for you!

How much are you paying for successful referrals?

  • City Manager INR 10,000
  • Operations Lead INR 10,000
  • Customer Service Lead INR 7000
  • Area Sales Manager INR 7000
  • Operations Coordinator INR 3000
  • Customer Service Executive INR 3000
  • Sales Associate INR 3000

How to Apply

To apply for this job, mail us with the following information in the format below

  • Mail us at: careers@trucksumo.com
  • Subject: 'Job - TruckSumo Referral Program'
  • Full Name & Phone Number
  • A copy of your resume attached in PDF format


Give us a try, we're sure you will love us.